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Star ProbLEm-SoLvEr
Lets share our talent in computer...

Group Founder: amatz09
Description: our aim is to solve problems in computer...
Group Type: Public join
Members: 37
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > PC Hardware

Topics (5)

go entering power save for Dell (0) man_wis2
anyone who want to get help about dis issue or knw dis issue lets share here. evrthng will alright here

go Wireless network (0) gimic2
Hey does any one know how to hack into a wireless network.

go Key bord problem (1) dl_09
My device joined with motherboard of key bord is loosened what should i do?

go Mobile Prob. (0) dl_09
Hi I m going to buy a new mobilwee either nokia 3110 or nokia 4500, so plz tell about its feature and reply me why is best, please

go Any1 got any probs? (2) daboyish
Post ur probs